EMAX - Nighthawk X Parts-PDB Board

  • 3-4S compatible
  • Designed for KISS 18A ESCs, ReadyToFly/Witespy's BearHug should fit just fine, and have pads for traditional ESCs. Hoping that the new Emax BLHeli Oneshot ESCs fit.
  • 3A @ 5V for flight computer, OSD, and LEDs (i.e. WS2812), telemetry/BT, etc. (85%+ efficient).
  • 3A @ 9V for FPV camera, vtx, and LEDs. (92%+ efficient),
  • (6) RGB LEDs. 4 on bottom, 2 on top (not sure if top will be useful). Testing waters here. User configurable color by changing resistors. Plan is to do red on the rear and white up front.
  • FPV LC filter that can select between 9V or 5V for feeding cameras and FPV transmittter,
  • Multiple soldering points for accessories on the VBAT, 9V, and 5V rail. Helps to contain the wiring mess.
  • Battery voltage divider for dividing the voltage down to something manageable for the Frsky D4R-II.
  • Optional bulk capacitance near the ESCs to help smooth out ripples.
  • Centralized battery input pads to keep the high current paths through the board as short as possible
  • 2oz copper for efficiency
  • Sufficient copper keep out area surrounding the mounting holes
  • Shielded inductors to reduce switching power supply noise.